[sebhc] download and printing problems?

Christian Fandt cfandt at netsync.net
Wed May 19 08:24:13 CDT 2004

Dave (and all),

As you likely know, your machine is underpowered for that bloatware 
application. I believe you wrote in the earlier part of this thread, which 
I didn't keep, that you use a P166 machine.

I use windoze98SE and the latest Acrobat Reader ver. 6 (not the complete 
Acrobat app.) and I have acceptable results. However, my machine is an AMD 
Athlon XP 1800+  with 512 Meg of RAM and a moderately fast mo'board.

Even with this higher horsepower, it STILL takes around ten seconds or so 
just to load the .dll's and crap and START the danged Reader before 
anything begins to display. But, I can view and print in a normal manner 
the H17 manual you are discussing Dave, as well as any other .pdf I've 
worked with.

Nevertheless, I can't blame you at all for your disdain of M$ windoze stuff 
and its associated bloatware. I still resist leaving windoze98SE but fear 
that I'll have to break down and load up win 2k sometime soon 
:-/  Certainly not winXP, if ever. By then, I'll have settled into Linux.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we *only* had uProcessors like the 
8-bit Z80 (but at least with huge amounts of cheap memory available) and 
*had* to use bloatware like this??!  Hospitals would be chock full of 
suicidal patients and newly-minted lunatics. Anxiety attacks would abound. 
Office anarchy everywhere!

All this discussion on this new list (new for me) is very slowly prodding 
me into hauling out my good ol' H8/H37/H19 system to play with once again. 
Thanks much! And I was originally thinking of getting out one of my 
H11/H27/H9 systems first to see if an RT-11 distribution I had could fire 
up . . .

Jeeeze, just what I need. Yet *another* project to tinker with around here! ;-)

Regards,  Chris


Upon the date 05:28 AM 5/19/04 -0700, Dave Dunfield said something like:

> >what file was this?
> >anybody else having similar (or other) problems?
> >(or anybody else downloading and printing with no problems?)
>It's the H17 floppy disk controller document.
>I doub't its a problem with the file - it seems that Acrobat 5 doesn't
>run very well under Win98.
>I haven't tried printing any other files from the archives, as I don't
>normally use AB5 (way too slow to be useful), and they just show page
>sized "grey boxes" under AB4 (no images).
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