[sebhc] emulating disks

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed May 19 10:21:30 CDT 2004

>The emulator has reached the point where it
>meets my requirements (It simulates capabilities of the actual H8 in my 
>so I can live without a disk.

Really?   It's pretty cool so far, but disk emulation is what would truly 
make it interesting for me.   I'd guess that may be true for a lot of the 
other folks as well.

If you don't have any more recent hardware, I'd bet you could view and/or 
print those pdf's at your local library.  But the description section of the 
H-17 manual is mostly about the controller hardware and not much about 
programming.  It may be more useful to look over the sources for the disk 
driver code.

I just put the contents of two disks of HDOS source material in the archives 
under software/sources/...  You'll probably be most interested in sydvd and 
it's associated header files.  Let me know if you have any specific 
questions remaining and I'll try to find answers.


- Steven

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