[sebhc] More Tape recovery

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Wed May 19 22:10:12 CDT 2004

Ok - I got the transparent "passthrough" program working, so I can
read tapes directly from the H8 into my H8T program on the PC. Using
this I was able to recover all of the software from the tapes that Jack
sent to me. It took a bit of searching, but I was able to find unconfigured
version of all the early H8 Software.

Here is a list of the H8 Tape software I've collected so far:

Name      Version  Description
BHBASIC1  05.01.01  Benton Harbor Basic
BHBASIC2  05.01.02  ""
BUG8-1    02.01.01  H8 Console Debugger
BUG8-2    02.05.00  ""
TED8-1     3.01.01  H8 Text Editor
TED8-2     3.05.00  ""
HASL8-1    4.01.01  H8 Assembly Language
HASL8-2   04.05.00  ""
EXBASIC1  10.01.01  Extended Benton Harbor Basic
EXBASIC2  10.02.01  ""
EXBASIC3  10.05.00  ""

H8HANGM   20.00.00  H8 Hangman game
H8CRAPS   21.00.00  H8 Craps game
H8NIM     22.00.00  H8 NIM game
H8HEXPAW  23.00.00  H8 Hexpawn game
H8CHESS   --.--.--  H8 Chess game

H8DEMO    --.--.--  H8 Front Panel DEMO program 
BHBCONS   --.--.--  Benton Harbor Basic Console functions (from tape label)
LED1/2/3  --.--.--  These appear to be LED test programs ???
UNKNOWN   --.--.--  No Idea - crashes!

I've just sent all these to Jack in a ZIP file, which he will hopefully make
available in the archive.

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