[sebhc] H17 ROM ?

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Fri May 21 22:25:10 CDT 2004


>R.SYDD  EQU     033316A         ROM device driver
>R.MOUNT EQU     033345A         Mount new device
>R.ABORT EQU     033366A         Abort any active I/O
>R.XOK   EQU     033374A         Exit with OK status
>R.XIT   EQU     033375A         Exit
>R.READ  EQU     034077A         Read from disk
>R.READR EQU     034321A         Read regardless of protection
>R.WRITE EQU     034336A         Process disk write
>R.CDE   EQU     035136A         Count disk errors
>R.DTS   EQU     035172A         Decode track and sector
>R.SDT   EQU     035225A         Seek desired track
>R.MAI   EQU     035251A         Move arm in
>R.MAO   EQU     035254A         Move arm out
>R.DLY   EQU     035303A         Delay by clock
>R.LPS   EQU     035321A         Locate proper sector
>R.RDB   EQU     036044A         Read disk byte
>R.SDP   EQU     036062A         Set device parameters
>R.STS   EQU     036165A         Skip this sector
>R.WHD   EQU     036235A         Wait for hole detect
>R.STZ   EQU     036254A         Seek track zero
>R.WNH   EQU     036271A         Wait for no hole
>R.UDLY  EQU     036302A         Microsecond delay loop
>R.WSC   EQU     036307A         Wait for sync character
>R.WSP   EQU     036343A         Write sync pattern
>R.WNB   EQU     036373A         Write next byte
>BOOT    EQU     037014A         Boot disk system
>DDIAG   EQU     037262A         Disk diagnostic

This list fills in all of the holes in the RAM vector table, except for
one - this is a vector at $209A (040,232) which calls a function at $1F68
(037,150) - all this does in INR M / RET - Can you put a name to this one?

Also, can you give me the calling conventions for the SYDD routine?

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