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Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Tue May 25 08:07:46 CDT 2004

>P.S.  Hey Dave .. now that you emulate H17's .. why not exchange the PAM8 
>for PAM8GO (it's in the ROM section of the archives)?

Whats 'PAM8GO' is his a PAM8 modified to automatically boot?

I'm not real keen to replace the ROM image, because that would make it different
from my real H8 - currently the emulator emulates my H8, although it adds a couple
of extra cards (H17 and Memory). It is however still essentially the same machine.
Changing the ROM would make it not representative of the H8 in my collection, which
is my whole reason for doing the emulator.

However: You can easily do it yourself.

It may not be obvious, but the L= command line option can load code/data anywhere,
even in ROM space. All you need to do to replace PAM8 with another image is:

  1) Use my H8T utility to convert the ROM image to a .HEX download file (doesn't
     matter if it's Motorola or Intel) - I'm not sure about the H8T I currently have
     posted - my latest one recognizes ".ROM" as a binary file, however you might
     have to rename it to ".BIN" with the posted one. Also, don't forget to set the
     A= address to zero - so the output .HEX file will be origined at 0 - otherwise
     H8T assumes the default H8 run address of $2040 (040 100).

  2) Use the L=filename option to load the ROM image when you launch H8.

  3) If you want to make it "permanent", put the L= option in an H8.INI file
     located in emulator home directory.

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