[sebhc] other image formats

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue May 25 12:16:12 CDT 2004

Jack says:
> > >>Additions?  Corrections?
> > >how about the H67 - 10 mb hard drive,
> > I don't think this was ever a software distribution format!
>I don't see any reason to be limited to historical formats.

But.... I was asking for a list of historical formats!  :-)   Ones actually 
used to distribute software.

>I'm looking forward to
>(new) mass storage devices supported via a true HDOS driver that could
>directly mount such images.

Do you mean from a PC?  If so, why not build the driver so that it accesses 
PC files directly?  That would greatly simplify both the driver and file 
sharing.  You not only eliminate size limits, but also any dependency on 
defined formats.


- Steven

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