[sebhc] available disk images

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue May 25 16:02:59 CDT 2004

>Btw2: I notice that the HDOS 1.6 disk contains text to the effect that it 
>has a
>       special driver for the Macintosh emulator? - do anyone know what 
>this is
>       about?

I still haven't found my original 1.6 distribution disk, so for the moment I 
posted the one that was packaged with Dave Shaw's emulator.  I don't know 
what's different besides the label.

Anyone got a real 1.6 dist to upload?  Any other distribution s/w that's not 
in the archives yet?  (I'm still looking for a "TMI loader" package and 
"chase leds").

It's fun running adventure on my PC  ... :-)

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