[sebhc] available disk images

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue May 25 19:37:15 CDT 2004

>There are several places where the image contains text indicating that it 
>special drivers for the MAC emulator..

As soon as someone uploads a prstine dist image (or I find mine) we'll 
replace that one.

>I would very much like to get original disk images for any and all HDOS
>versions which were available.

I was hoping for a complete collection of ALL software distributions for the 
H8.  :-)

The HDOS 2.0 I uploaded is issue #50.06.00 - but I notice one of the 
documents mentions a 50.07.00.  Does anyone know what the LAST issue number 
of HDOS was?  Got a copy?

> >It's fun running adventure on my PC  ... :-)
>Is this in the archive?

You bet.  It's software/disk-images/HUG/885-1010_Adventure.h8d, one of 
several HUG distributions Jack diskdump'ed for us (and I converted to 
image).  We still only have a fraction of the HUG catalog, though.

Speaking of which, I uploaded a HUG catalog 
(documents/software/HUG/hug-catalog.txt) that I created from two sources.  
But I'm sure it's still not comprehensive.  Anyone have info on other HUG 
offerings that aren't listed in there?  (or better yet .. the disks?)


- Steven

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