[sebhc] Emulator future?

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Wed May 26 13:27:56 CDT 2004

Dave Dunfield wrote:
> I'm still waiting on your answer on HDOS's ability to support a
> network (ie foreign) file system. Without this ability, what you
> are requesting is very difficult (you have to present a valid
> filesystem to HDOS, meaning you have to "lay out" the PC files
> into a virtual disk, and maintain translation back
> and forth - ugh!)

TMSI implemented a RAM disk for HDOS, that used high memory as if it
were a disk drive. We named it GH.DVD, and it could be as large as 958k
on an H-1000 with 1 meg of RAM. Man, does HDOS fly without the speed
limitation of a physical disk drive!

I would think that a similar device driver could be written to use a PC
connected via a serial port as if it were a disk drive.

GH.DVD was written by Tom Snoblen, whom I'm still in contact with.
Between us, we probably have the source code for it somewhere.
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