[sebhc] H19 terminal emulator

Pat Swayne me at patswayne.com
Thu May 27 16:28:54 CDT 2004

I have uploaded a new version of my Heath Terminal Emulator to the SEBHC 
archive FTP site. When it becomes available, someone please test it for me. 
I don't have a way to test it right now.
It runs on a PC with VGA or higher video, and uses character remapping in 
the text mode to make H19 graphics, so you don't have to run in the 
monocrome 640x200 mode like the old HTE to get them.
HTE is based on another program I did, ZEMulator, which lets you run 
H/Z-100 programs on a PC. When I get the package together, I am going to 
upload this. Back in my HUG days, you may recall I made a program called 
HRUN that would let you run HDOS programs under CP/M, and CP/Emulator, that 
would let you run 8-bit CP/M program on an 80x86 machine. Well, by stacking 
HRUN, CP/Emulator, and ZEMulator, I was able to run HDOS programs on a PC. 
If I ever find copies of these emulators in my stuff, I'll upload them. I 
moved recently, and am still unpacking.
-- Pat
Hm... Imagine being able to play "The Wizards of Zeedle-Deet" on a PC...

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