[sebhc] H8 configuration

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Thu May 27 22:14:53 CDT 2004

At 19:48 27/05/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> You may have a problem reading the XCON8 on a programmer.
>They are using pin 21 as a CS so A11 has to be on one
>of the other pins for the ROM. I've only been able to dump
>the lower part of the ROM with the 2732 setup ( vpp=5 )
>as the higher half of the 4K dump. The lower half reads
>0ffh's. You may have to play with which line is A11.
>It does have the H17 code on it because I can clearly
>see it on my H8.
> Anyway, the H17 rom image is on the web site. You can
>just load that file into a 2716. That that you have from
>years ago should be the same as well.

If you can see it on your H8, then you can dump it to the
serial port (assuming you have an H5) using the PAM-8 DUMP
command. You can use my H8T to capture it into a .HEX file
just as if you had read it from a programmer:

    H8T COM1 ROMDATA.HEX [/I if you want Intel format HEX]

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