[sebhc] Of ROMS and Things

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Fri May 28 15:59:54 CDT 2004

I just found out something I didn't know. The XCON8 ROM does contain the 
H17 ROM code. If your first memory card is above the ROM area (ie 040 
000), then XCON8 does nothing with the H17 code. It is still in the ROM 
but not at the correct address, therefore, it won't conflict with the 
actual ROM on the H17 controller. If you have 0 org memory, XCON8 will 
remap the H17 ROM code into the correct address (starting at 030 000).
It would seem then that the H17 disk system will work without the actual 
H17 ROM chip. I haven't tried it yet, but will as soon as I can get 
another big table in my shop. I've run out of room to spread things out.

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