[sebhc] My H8 Systems

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Fri May 28 23:20:23 CDT 2004

Dwight says:
>The code seems to hange at 035.311
>This seems to be waiting for some RAM to be updated
>by an interrupt.

That's the generic delay routine, watching the TICCNT value.  The step motor 
routine uses it to pace head motions.   If it's trying to move the head to 
home and not making it, it would make sense that it spends a lot of time in 
this routine.

If you've got more than one drive and none step, perhaps the controller 
board isn't asserting the step line properly in response to the I/O port 

On my own status:

Thanks to Walt, all the power swtiches work now.  :-)  I also replaced the 
blown cap on the 3rd H8's CPU board and now it comes up .. sortof.  
Sometimes it comes up and looks normal, other times it seems to come up 
running in user mode (the pc is displayed, and changing).  Even when it 
comes up and looks normal something else is odd.  If I try the memory test 
it crashes with lights out and continuous tone.  I'll have to do some more 
testing on that one.

Still haven't done anything yet with the drive that steps one way only.


- Steven

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