[sebhc] H17 DRIVES

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Sat May 29 18:49:53 CDT 2004

If you're referring to the IBM drive, I don't recall, but it is the 
original 360K drive that came in the early IBM PC.
The old H17 drives I used to have were the Siemens FD100.

Walter Moore wrote:

>What model number is the drive?
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>>I drug out my old IBM documentation and did a little soldering on the
>>circuit board. Now the drive will select properly, speed test is ok,
>>write gate test is OK, but the overall test described in the H17 manual
>>doesn't run right. Comes to 037 306 instead of 037 365. The only thing
>>it says is test the speed and write gate. Both are correct. It might
>>actually work if I had a boot diskette. I bought some through ebay, but
>>they look like they were in someones junk box. No sleeves, dirty, etc. I
>>do have 3 or 4 that looked good. BTW, this drive does have the
>>termination resistor pack in it, and it is the last one on the cable.
>>Jumpered as SY0.  When my old system was working, I had 3 drives. I
>>can't tell which lines were used to select drive c, but I remember
>>having drives A, B, and C when I was running CPM. Maybe someone has the
>>documentation for the three drive enclosure.
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