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Collado, Norberto norberto.collado at hp.com
Tue Nov 2 17:09:39 CST 2004

I just finished my move and was able to take the H-8 out of the box since 1986. I decided to plug in the H-8 to the AC outlet and see the outcome. The H-8 came up with no problems. I was very impressed (must be those gold connectors and pins). Soon I will be able to attach the floppy/hard drive and take it for a spin. Eventually will like to test the IDE controller from Ron. 



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Yep - lots of work, not much play time, but hopefully
I'll see some SEBHC members at VCF this weekend - stop
by my table (8008 machines, slightly off topic but
there is actually a Heathkit connection) and pick up
your HUG badge! I'll report back after the event -
I've got a stack of stuff to scan and some hardware to


--- "West, Ronald S." <RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com> wrote:

> Looks like everyone has gotten busy. Not much
> chatter on this list lately. 
> How did the hard sector floppys that were ordered
> turn out? 
> I was working on an IDE board for the H8 but taking
> two evening classes this
> semester and they are kicking my butt. Hope to get
> time to play with my H-8
> after the classes are over. Plan to drink heavily
> that day too ;^)
> Ron
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