[sebhc] h17 and h8d disk images

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 02:58:54 CDT 2004

>Also, has the file/directory naming convention been decided upon?

Mostly.  Underscores between words, only one period followed by a 3-letter 
(max) descriptive extension, other periods converted to hyphens.  I don't 
recall any spedific decision around capitalization.

>It would be nice to have it stablized ;-).

Yea, if you plan on mirroring I can see how name changes could be a real 
paiin.  I think there are sttill a few old things that need renaming to 
conform, so be prepared for that.  Plus I moved the recent submissions to 
make them available, but they still need more descriptive names.  I'll try 
to remember to post notice of any name changes.

How about in future, we move new uploads to an 'incoming' directory until we 
give them their more permanent location and name.  Just don't mirror the 
'incoming' directory.

>I've also notice that at least one file seemed to have been removed:

>But is no-longer on the site

It was renamed to HDOS_1-6_Issue_#50-05-00_890-1-5.h8d

I had placed the original name on it based on what was printed on the label, 
Jack renamed it based on what it printed out when you boot it.  And at the 
same time we were considering the hyphens vs. periods thing.


- Steven

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