[sebhc] HDOS Issue #50.05.00

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 13:07:12 CDT 2004

I said:
> >>HDOS_1.0_Issue_#50.05.00_890-1-5.h8d
> >It was renamed to HDOS_1-6_Issue_#50-05-00_890-1-5.h8d

Dwight said:
>  I believe is was originally a 1.0 but was later patched to 1.6
>level. The HDOS10 that Dan just posted seems to be #50-03-00.
>I don't see any indication that this had any patches applied
>so it is probably closer to original.

No, I created the 50.05.00 image from an original distribution disk with 
write-protect tab still in place.  The printed label on the disk actually 
says HDOS 1.0 but when you boot it it displays 1.6 on the screen.  This 
makes sense now that we have 1.5, and it's issue 50.04.00.  I'm assuming the 
new submissions are also unpatched original distributions just like the 
50.05.00 is.


- Steven

P.S. I renamed the HDOS and HUG submissions to conform with the other 
archives and be more descriptive.  All the duplicates of the HUG disks 
matched byte-for-byte except one of them, which I have set aside and may 
look into more thoroghly later.

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