[sebhc] Archive question regarding cross-posting

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Wed Sep 1 16:08:18 CDT 2004

I encourage cross-posting material in the public domain but some items
may be released specifically to SEBHC. This may be the case with Peter
Shkabara's software and documentation. The HUG material and HDOS itself
have been released to the public domain. As for Heath documentation,
nobody, including those at the current Heathkit organization, seem to
know who owns the copyright. You (Barry) might be in the best position
of any of us to answer that question!

I also lack explicit permission to republish the Magnolia material.
Concern about copyright - both protection and liability - was the
driving force behind creating a closed archive in the first place. 

Let me also remind list members to only upload material that is known to
be in the public domain.

And, as always, thank you all for your interest and contributions.


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> Does anyone have a problem with material (documents, 
> primarily) from the archive being cross posted on Howard Harte's site:
> http://www.hartetechnologies.com/manuals/
> It's my opinion that as web sites come and go, and as, 
> unfortunately, we ourselves "go", the only way to insure the 
> long-term survival of this material is to get it as widely 
> distributed in as many forms and places as possible.  But I 
> won't cross-post it if people object.
> Barry Watzman
> Watzman at neo.rr.com
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