[sebhc] h17 and h8d disk images

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 2 04:27:08 CDT 2004

>I think that the RAM base was much higher even than 2000H, but yes, such a
>version of CP/M did exist.  Getting a copy will be very, very hard, ...

I think I have one .. somewhere ... still haven't found all my stuff.

I did find a few more of my diskettes today tho .. and I just posted these:


I tacked on an "X" to the product number of the latter as I believe it was 
originally issued on 2 bootable disks but this is a single non-bootable one. 
  The comments also say "enhanced by AIWZ" (that's me) but I don't remember 
exactly what I did to it besides combining the disks.

This is the "H8 speaker music" stuff that requires you to lift a leg of one 
of the front panel chips (unless you want the music modulated by a 1khz tone 
:-) ).


- Steven

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