[sebhc] music-8

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 2 16:47:13 CDT 2004

Jack says:
>Was this mod also done for the NDOS sound boards?

If you mean NOGDS, no, those were 2-channel D/A convertor units, and totally 
unrelated to the panel speaker music.  They were capable of much higher 
quality sounds, but required entirely different software.

Speaking of which, I recently stuck my breadbord (which still has the 
original 2-channel D/A prototype set up on it) in my scanner and will post 
the pictures soon.

>I've got a couple
>systems with a slide switch that cuts out the normal "horn" -

I'd bet if you check, those switches don't turn off the speaker, but 
disconnect the 1khz signal from the speaker gate and allow the gate control 
signal to drive the speaker directly.  This was a common mod among music-8 
users.   I also have some software somewhere that makes the H8 "talk" using 
this mod via 1-bit PCM encoded speech sounds.


- Steven

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