[sebhc] Hard sector disks and alternatives

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Fri Sep 3 18:02:46 CDT 2004

>From: "Jack Rubin" <jack.rubin at ameritech.net>
>Even better (certainly from an archival viewpoint) would be the elusive
>IDE drive or a PC-based virtual disk. Meanwhile, I'm eagerly waiting for
>version 2.0 of Eric's SVD which will allow write as well as read access
>(the chip is in the mail). 

 I looked into the IDE hard drive a number of years ago. It
wouldn't be hard to do at all. One needs to expand the 8 bit
bus to 16 bits with some latches and buffers. As I recall,
the commands were the same or similar to the standard MFM
hard drive controllers, used on PC's, with a few extensions.
 I've written code for a MFM controller driver in the past
so the code part wouldn't be hard. I don't know what the
commands for the CD ROM drives are or how similar they
are to the hard drives.
 I could easily make some code for a PC-based virtual disk
through the serial( in DOS ). This is not too difficult.
All I need is time to deal with all my projects.

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