[sebhc] New ET3400 docs

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Sun Sep 26 13:19:37 CDT 2004

James Cosper has contributed scans of several manuals related to the ET-3400
and ETA-3400. They are in the /documents/hardware/ section of the archive.

Microprocessor Trainer ET-3400
part number 595-2021-06, copyright date 1977
113 Pages + 3 set Foldout + "price list 10/20/80".
Heathkit_3400_595-2021-06.pdf - 9991k
Memory Input/Output Accessory ETA-3400 (Assembly)
part number 595-2170-03, copyright date 1979
57 Pages. + 1 set Foldout.
Heathkit_3400_595-2170-03.pdf - 5463k
Memory and Input/Output Accessory for the ET-3400 (Software Reference)
part number 595-2271-01, copyright date 1979
95 pages.
Heathkit_3400_595-2271-01.2   - 7524k
Thanks James! 


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