[sebhc] Replacement capacitor for H37/H77 drive case.

Mark Garlanger garlangr at verizon.net
Wed Apr 27 22:18:00 CDT 2005


I found another Disk Drive case (Z-37) but since it hadn't been used for
years, one of the capacitors decided give up its smoke. 

It looks like I need a 4.7 uF Tantalum capacitor, but the manual didn't
state the voltage of the part. Looking at another case - an H77 it appears
that it may be a 50V part, but using a DMM it appears that there is just a
19.3 V drop across it. I found some 35V parts on ebay and was wondering if
anyone knew if this would work? (The circuit board number is 85-2107-3, and
the manual for the H77 is available on the ftp server). 





BTW: I've made no progress on the soft-sectored controller, but was able to
also get about 35 hard-sectored disks with software on them. I was finally
able to get some of the games that I had long ago: ywing, munchkin, pirates,
snake, ackack. 


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