[sebhc] H89 roms

Robin England robin.england at dial.pipex.com
Tue Dec 13 04:53:58 CST 2005

I totally missed that one, Joe. Further checking and the 444-62 that I have
is indeed a TMS 2716JL and the datasheet clearly shows a multi-supply
requirement of +12v, +5v and -5v as you say.

Not surprising that my trusty S4 is having problems reading it (I'm getting
all locations = 00). Looking at the H88/89 schematic I can now see that
there are jumpers to allow the selection of a single-voltage 5v device
instead, which is good news seeing as I don't have a collection of the TMS

Thanks for looking for the binaries (or intelhex(es)) for the MTR ROMs. I'd
like to get both these machines running again. Even if the original 444-62
is OK, it would be nice to have a backup copy. If you don't have a dump of
this one, I'll look at building a simple reader for it so we can have backup
copies to burn into "normal" 2716s.

Unfortunately I can't offer any help with regards to the H8 PCB you have as
I don't have any H8 stuff, but perhaps something on these HDOS disks I have
here could be of use to you (or anyone) once I get these machines going!

Robin England

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> I have the 444-142, and if I look I might have the 62 also,first one
> I found I cannot copy as if I remember correctly,the TMS series were
> dual voltage types.My burner won't read it correctly or it gave up on
> me,full of FF's.I'll look for the 62 in a different chip that I can read.
> I have a question on and H8 board I have,part number is 85-2204-1, I
> have no manual on it, I acquired it with some other stuff,it also has
> no parts stuffed in it,basically a brand new board. Anyone have an
> idea what it is? It is marked as a "Controller Board"
> Joe Smith
> joebandit
> jtsdadinaz
> Conbuilder debugger /Programmer
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