[sebhc] MTR ROMs

Joe Smith bandit1921 at cox.net
Wed Dec 14 15:18:51 CST 2005

The 84B sounds like it might be for the CDR controller upgrade..It 
came with 1 or 2 roms depending on how your system was originally setup.

At 10:43 AM 12/14/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>The recent discussion about ROMs prompted me to look again in my bin boxes.
>It has been over a year now since we moved, but I still need to clean out
>the garage!
>Here is what I have:
>ROMs -  some of them are original, and some are copies made on higher speed
>444-62 (3 pieces)
>444-142 (MTR 90)
>444-84B (don't remember what this is)
>444-66 (original)
>444-66 (high speed for using in up to 8MHz applications - these were made
>custom for me - 7 pieces)
>444-42 (3 pieces)
>444-43 (6 pieces)
>I also found a CDR8390 ROM marked special - don't remember what this was. I
>still have my ROM burner, but don't know if my software will work on the new
>computer. If anyone is interested in the Ross Custom Electronics
>Intelliburner, let me know. I have plugs to burn 27256, 2716, and 2732A
>EPROMs. Make me an offer if interested.
>Among the parts also are 15 pieces of Z80. Six of these are Z80H 8MHz rated
>device. I was selling these on e-bay, but missed this box!
>Contact me directly if anyone is interested in the ROMs, PALs or other
>peter59 at sbcglobal.net
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