[sebhc] H89 roms

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 14 12:39:14 CST 2005

Mark Garlanger wrote:
> If someone on the list has a way of reading the chip, but doesn't want to
> take it out of their system, I have a loose 444-142 which I could let them
> borrow.

I have all of the H19 and H89 ROMs on disk already as .HEX files. But it's an 
H17 disk :-)  Give me a couple days to get a modem cable between my H89 and 
PC and I can send them to anyone who needs them.

For that matter, I have an EPROM programmer and plenty of blank EPROMs for 
these old chips. It's a Valley Data Sciences EPROM programmer, which runs on 
the H89.
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