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Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 24 15:32:38 CST 2005

Barry Watzman wrote:
> I tried to get him to put the H8 and H17 together, but other people
> urged him not to.  Take it up with him, it's not my auction.

Strange, isn't it? It's like selling left and right shoes separately.

Then again... did any of you ever watch the british sitcom "The Fall and
Rise of Reginald Perrin"? He was a middle-management executive who was
going nowhere in his career by trying to succeed. So he decided to try
to fail -- and succeeded instead!

In one episode he goes to work for "The Grot Shop" -- basically a thrift
store. They have hundreds of pairs of shoes that nobody wants. Reggie
decides to sell shoes "each" instead of as pairs, and is flooded with
eager business from one-legged people who are delighted that they
finally can buy just one shoe!

Maybe the guy figures he can make more money selling two halves of a
computer than one whole one!
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