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Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
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You can probably get one at Radio Shack, it's just a 7905, in an appropriate
case (probably TO-220, but 7905's come in lots of different case styles)(the
letters don't matter).  Very, very common and inexpensive part.  Online


[there are many others]

These don't fail often, and they usually fail "open", which might not screw
up the 8080.  Look for another problem.

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I have just began to rejuvenate my H8 system. I have discovered that the
-5volt voltage regulator on the CPU board is bad( I assume the 8080A is also
cooked) The part # is 79MGT2C. I have checked some places on the net and
found the IC, but most have a min order of a $100 or so.Does anyone know of
a source for this IC?

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