[sebhc] Introduction and Request

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Mon Jan 31 19:44:50 CST 2005

The problem isn't finding the disk drives -- you can use "PC" drives -- the
problem is finding 10-sector hard sectored media.  It doesn't exist.  Pat
had a supply custom made, but it was relatively expensive.

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Hi Dwight,

At the moment I just have only the basic tape setup.  I do have
an interest in adding an H17 (and possibly an H19) once I can
locate the devices.  If anyone has a lead on where they might be
found I am definately interested.  The machine itself shipped

I was able to locate a copy of the tape software (assembler, etc)
and lots of documentation (thanks to this list), so that is

This is an interesting trip down memory lane.  More than 25 years
have passed by since I last wrote code for an 8080 machine. Now if
I could just convince my wife that an old computer that is several
thousand times slower than hers is a "good thing", life would be


On Mon, January 31, 2005 6:06 pm, Dwight K. Elvey said:
> Hi Reed
>  What I/O do you have? Do you have a disk controller
> or audio tape setup? We have a collected a number
> of programs for the H17 setup. There are method to
> transfer disk images to and from the H8 on the
> site James points too.
> Dwight
>>From: "Reed H. Petty" <rhp at draper.net>
>>Hello Heathkit H8 People,
>>This is my first post to this list, so if I violate some protocol please
>>gently set me straight so that I can avoid future errors.
>>By way of introduction, long ago (late 70s) I assembled two H8's and an
>>H89. This was my first introduction to computing which led to a career as
>>a programmer.  While my interests are all over the board (amateur radio
>>WI3C, IFR pilot, linux kernel developer, etc, etc), the H8 remains close
>>to my heart.
>>I have purchased an H8 that appears to be in working order, albeit
>> without
>>documentation.  If there is anyone out there who can point me in the
>>direction of the technical manuals (or additional H8 related hardware), I
>>would be very grateful.  I don't know if duplication of manuals is an
>>option, but if it is I would be willing to pay for the duplication.
>>Reed Petty
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