[sebhc] list archive and a specific question

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 5 22:50:13 CDT 2005

I have been trying to get educated by reading the list archives that are stored 
online (eg, sebhc.0406).  Using vim to read it isn't so great.  Are there 
readers that process those files and turn them into something that mozilla's 
mail program (or the like) can read and thread for me?

The specific part of my question is this: I'm more interested in archiving 
things than I am using them.  I've gleaned that Dwight Elvey has a small loader 
program for generating a bootable image for an H8, but what I want is the 
opposite -- something to dump the disk image.

Dave Dunfield has written a cool utility to do this for northstar disk systems, 
allowing transferring disk images either way and the communication protocol is 
checksummed to ensure integrity.

Does such a thing exist for the heathkit world?  The majority of my disk images 
are for an H47 (8") system, which still works.

Has anybody developed code for reading disks via a catweasel?

Thanks for all advice.

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