[sebhc] list archive and a specific question

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Wed Jul 6 09:13:51 CDT 2005

There was an H8 disk controller (H17 type) on E-Bay, the auction ended last
night (Tues. night).

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Hi Jim,

>The specific part of my question is this: I'm more interested in archiving 
>things than I am using them.  I've gleaned that Dwight Elvey has a small
>program for generating a bootable image for an H8, but what I want is the 
>opposite -- something to dump the disk image.
>Dave Dunfield has written a cool utility to do this for northstar disk
>allowing transferring disk images either way and the communication protocol
>checksummed to ensure integrity.
>Does such a thing exist for the heathkit world?  The majority of my disk
>are for an H47 (8") system, which still works.

If you happen to be running CP/M on your H8 (which I believe is possible
with an
option to map RAM into low memory), then I have recently written a generic
disk image backup/restore over the serial port which is similar to the ones
I did
for NorthStar and Cromemco.

Unfortunately I have not yet found a disk controller for my H8, so I have
developed any more H8 specific tools since my simulator and the H8T utility
translating and transferring H8 tape images. (I did recently find an H10
tape reader/punch, but somehow I don't think theres a big call for
paper tape images).

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