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Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Wed Jul 6 11:49:23 CDT 2005

The two drives are not the same.  The Remex drive system had a "master"
drive and a "slave" drive.  The controller was in the master drive, which
talked to the host computer over what amounted to a fancy parallel port.
The drives were very poorly made and the failure rate was abysmal (50% or
so).  You might be able to find a replacement drive somewhere, and if it's
the wrong type (master/slave) swap the PCB.  I'd put in a search for "Remex"
on E-Bay.


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Barry Watzman wrote:

> You have a working H47?  Those were rare in 1981.

Yes, and unfortunately one of the drives got damaged in shipment.  My sister

mailed it to me (bless her) but she didn't do much more than drop it in a
and label it.  The pans on the back that cover the fans got pushed in (it
easy to hammer them out and they look pretty decent, although all the air
foam has long since decayed away).  The most serious damage is that the door
the left drive got snapped off.  I believe the rest of the electronics and 
mechanics are good; crazy glue might work once I disassemble things enough.
now I can boot off of the right drive and that works fine.  I have at least
8" disks for it.

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