[sebhc] list archive and a specific question

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 6 11:52:46 CDT 2005

Lee Hart wrote:

> I also have an H8 with no disk controller. The board I'd like to find
> for it is the H37/H47 controller. I'm even willing to build one myself
> if I can find enough documentation.

I have the manual for the H47 disk drive unit, but that doesn't contain 
controller documentation.  Lee, from what I've seen, the H47 system is built 
using intelligent floppy disks, made by Remex.  In fact, there are two floppy 
drives, one containing master logic and one contining slave logic.  Funny 
enough, drive 0 is the slave and drive 1 is the master.  Do you have a source 
for Remex 8" drives?  I can try fixing mine but if I can replace it at a 
reasonable price I might go that route.

If you want a scan of the H47 manual and it isn't in the archive already, I can 
make one.

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