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Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Wed Jul 6 12:59:05 CDT 2005

>From: "Jim Battle" <frustum at pacbell.net>
>I have been trying to get educated by reading the list archives that are stored 
>online (eg, sebhc.0406).  Using vim to read it isn't so great.  Are there 
>readers that process those files and turn them into something that mozilla's 
>mail program (or the like) can read and thread for me?
>The specific part of my question is this: I'm more interested in archiving 
>things than I am using them.  I've gleaned that Dwight Elvey has a small loader 
>program for generating a bootable image for an H8, but what I want is the 
>opposite -- something to dump the disk image.

Hi Jim
 No, it can be used to both up load and down load images.
You load the bootstrap by hand ( some 50 bytes ) and then
the main code is loaded. Once in place, you can save the
main code to a stand alone boot disk ( non HDOS ). This way
you don't need to go through the agony of entering the ~50 bytes,
 Once to this stage, one can transfer images both ways.
This includes CPM images on hard sectored. The exception
is that it may not work with the saved loader image since I don't
format the entire disk, I just format enough for my code.
>Dave Dunfield has written a cool utility to do this for northstar disk systems, 
>allowing transferring disk images either way and the communication protocol is 
>checksummed to ensure integrity.
>Does such a thing exist for the heathkit world?  The majority of my disk images 
>are for an H47 (8") system, which still works.

 I don't have anything for the H47, it is only for the H17.
If you have a source listing for the code on the machine, I'd
be willing to try to add this to the program. This also goes
for anyone with the soft sectored controller as well. I'd be
willing to work on getting that working. It'd take some time
as debugging remotely can be painful.
 I do a number of calls to the H17 ROM in order to simplify
my code. This means that it won't be compatable with other
controllers. Without source listings, the job is a lot harder.
One the boards, like the soft sectored, I'd suspect that it
wouldn't be real hard since these boards have a separate processor,
a Z80. These are more like traditional controllers that one
sends parameters and high level commands to ports.
 It is currently only for the 35 track but I also need to include
the 96 tpi drives as well.
 I'm currently working on a problem for a fellow in Germany
that has a Olivetti M20 that he is trying to get the hard
disk replacement working. These are interesting machines in
that they used the Z8001 processor.

>Has anybody developed code for reading disks via a catweasel?
>Thanks for all advice.
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