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Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Wed Jul 6 13:40:56 CDT 2005

|I also have an H8 with no disk controller. The board I'd like to find
|for it is the H37/H47 controller. I'm even willing to build one myself
|if I can find enough documentation.

Do you mean the H37/H67 controller?  The H47 controller for the H8 is
a separate board, and the one disk controller I don't have (though I
have the H89 version).  I dumped the H47 drives--far too destructive
of disks... :(

|I have built H37 controllers for the H89. In fact, I'm trying to do so
|now. I have PC boards, almost all the parts, and have one almost
|finished. If I can only find a source of Western Digital WD2143M-03 and
|WD1691PE chips I should be in business.
|The H8 board, being larger, may not have used these rare chips.

I'm afraid it does.  Somewhere I may actually have one or two of the
floppy support chips.  You might get away without using the multi-phase
clock generator at all.  Wasn't precomp disabled by default anyway even
for 80 track drives?

|are alternate circuits, but they take more PC board space. Does anyone
|have a schematic and layout for the H8 H37 board?

I have the whole manual.  As a side note I made the obvious adapter cable
from the H67 port to 50 pins and it talks to SASI devices just fine, though
I never got the partition table right.

				Dan Lanciani
				ddl at danlan.*com
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