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Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 7 13:25:19 CDT 2005

West, Ronald S. wrote:
> Can a SCSI disk be connected to the H67 board? If so, are modifications
> involved?

Yes. Several aftermarket suppliers offered them. They used the Heath H67
interface board inside the H89, which provided that 40-pin version of
SCSI. An adapter cable connected it to a standard 50-pin SCSI hard
drive, as used in Macintoshes and other computers.

Then they had to write special software to format and partition the new
drive. The Heath software almost works; but it was intended only for the
Heath H67, which actually used a Memorex 8" MFM 10meg hard drive and an
8" DSDD floppy, with a Western Digital controller board to convert SCSI
to 8" floppy and MFM standards.

A similar approach was to use regular 5.25" MFM PC hard drives, with a
Western Digital, Xebec, Adaptec, or other controller to imitate what the
H67's controller did. Some aftermarket hard drives for the H89 took this
route (as PC hard drives were cheaper).
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