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steve shumaker shumaker at att.net
Fri Jul 8 12:42:53 CDT 2005

FWIW, what appears to be a Z100 disk controller card has just been posted 
on ebay although the seller does not identify it as such in the title 
.  It's described as an "S100 Winchester Disk Controller Card".  In the 
description, seller states it came from a Z100 system and H/Z type part 
numbers can clearly be seen in the photo. EBay Item No is 5217110917

s shumaker

At 11:33 AM 7/7/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>steve shumaker wrote:
> > One of the early 80's S100 books had a series of "notional" (for
> > lack of a better term) interface circuits connecting the S100 to
> > other busses available at the time. The H8 bus was included there.
>My thought (without doing any research yet) is that all the Z-100 floppy
>controller needs is the 8-bit data bus, a few address lines to select
>the port addresses, the I/O read/write strobes, and an interrupt line.
>That's a very small subset of the 100 pins.
>The H8 bus has all these signals, though some "fiddling" will be needed.
>For instance, S-100 uses separate data-read and data-write pins; the H8
>combines them into a single 8-bit read/write bus.
>The Z-100 board already uses the right controller chip, so the stock
>Heath software is close to correct. Heath supplies source code for the
>controller, so it should be straightforward to modify it if the I/O port
>address or bit assignments within the port have changed.
>It might be easier to go this route than to build a complete H37
>soft-sector board for the H8. It also has the advantage that it would
>support both 5.25" and 8" drives, like the CDR H8 disk controller.
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