[sebhc] H67-SCSI interface

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Wed Jul 13 18:33:35 CDT 2005

FWIW, I was the product manager, not the engineer.  And while it might not
have otherwise been obvious, I have posted this information myself here
within the past 30 days (not the pinouts, but the fact that the 67 interface
was the SASI interface only with 10 contiguous unused pins left out).

The Interface card is just, basically, a parallel port.  All of the code --
except for the boot code -- is in the OS, and for CP/M, it's in the bios,
for which we have source code.  There is still the issue of the format and
partition programs, and I don't remember how that was done on the 67.

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West, Ronald S. wrote:
> Barry,
> I may have been stating the merely obvious, or even the incredibly
> obvious but not everyone on this email group is an ex Heath (or
> whatever) engineer. I was hoping that putting the details on here
> would spur others to grab an old SCSI drive and see if they could
> get it working, and let the group know what they found.

What is obvious to Barry as lead production engineer from Heath may not
be obvious to others. So, I think it was good of you to post this
information. :-)

I hope it *does* encourge others to experiment with newer SCSI drives on
an H8/H89. I don't have a hard drive on mine at the moment. While I know
the hardware side of interfacing one is pretty straightforward, I'm not
skilled enough to write the software to make it work.

As I said earlier, I *think* that the stock Heath software would be able
to use a SCSI hard drive as if it were a 10meg H67. The hard part is to
figure out how to format and partition some other drive, and the BIOS
changes to allow use of the extra capacity.
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