[sebhc] H-47 disk drive

Walter Moore waltm22 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 19 22:44:40 CDT 2005

>When the H47 was shipped to me, the drive was insufficiently padded -- 
>basically padding top and bottom, but nothing on the other four sides 
>because the box was epsilon bigger than the drive.  As a result, the door 
>hinge got broken on the left drive.  I'm not too mechanically apt, but I 
>guess I'd describe it more accurately as saying both struts that attach to 
>the door cover snapped about 1 cm from where they are screwed to the door 
>cover.  I haven't disassembled the drive enough to know how these struts 
>are attached inside the drive and if they are practical to replace.

I think I know which part you need.  If you could email me a picture to 
make sure, I could salvage one from the dead drive pile.


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