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Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Mon Jul 25 14:11:21 CDT 2005

 One of the most common problems with these drives is
a mechanical issue. A little of the belt gets on the flywheel.
Even tiny anounts can cause failures. Make sure the surfaces
are vary clean. I scrape mine clean with the dull edge of a knife
to make sure old rubber and oxides are removed with minimum
damage to the solid metal.

>From: "West, Ronald S." <RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com>
>Not sure if I want to take a chance on that. I have 3 defective tm100's and
>don't want to risk expanding my collection ;-) 
>Sorry if I put you through any trouble.
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>> Hi Ron,
>> I finally managed to connect the drives to my PC, but the 
>> results are questionable. One drive gave out a small puff of 
>> smoke - not good. The other one seemed to function, but I got 
>> an i/o error message from Windows. I had forgotten how to set 
>> the jumpers on these drives for a PC since they were being 
>> used on the H89 that I no longer have.
>> The bottom line is that there is another PC I can try them 
>> out on, but can't get to that for another week. If you are 
>> willing to take a chance on the drive anyway (or both) the 
>> shipping weight is about 3 lbs for each drive plus another 
>> pound for the box. My zip code is 95540 for calculating 
>> shipping cost to you.
>> Peter 
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>> I'm probably one of many who responded on this. I would be 
>> interested in the 360k drive. I just purchased on on ebay and 
>> wouldn't mind getting another. The one on ebay was tested and 
>> went for $22.00.
>> Ron
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