[sebhc] RE: Scanning HDOS source listings

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 23:27:44 CDT 2005

Pat wrote:
>Stephen wrote:

That's "Steven", with a "v".  :-)

>Hey, Pat .. "Got HDOS?"  :-)  How about Jim?
>I have some HDOS stuff stashed away somewhere. The trouble is, to find it.

No kidding.   Took me a year just to find my 5 1/4" floppies.

>If you mean Jim Buszkeiwicz, he passed away a few about 10 years ago, I 

No, no, I knew that, I meant Jim Tittsler who is already on sebhc, and I 
believe did some work on (or at least had access to) HDOS also.

Historical note:  My first job at the Heathkit factory was Technical 
Correspondent, alongside Jim Buskiewicz and Bill Zurney.  Jim B. later 
managed HUG for a while (after HUG's original "Jim B." ... Jim Blake).

Barry wrote:
>OCR on an assembly listing will probably be useless...

I think it might be worth a shot for re-creating source code, especially if 
it was done twice for comparison.  Maybe if someone were to do it on 
something short, like PAM8, for an experiment, and let me try 
post-processing it?


- Steven

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