[sebhc] RE: Scanning HDOS source listings

Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Tue Jun 7 11:34:07 CDT 2005

|Yes, but you can reassemble them easily with the velo binder machine at any 

My HDOS listings already unbound themselves, and I was pretty careful with
them.  I'm surprised any survived fully bound...

|I was thinking of something similar when I asked for the OCR's.  I was going 
|to to the other way, assemble and then compare the output with the release.  
|That way, once you get it fixed up, you have all the comments in the source 

That would be my preference if they could OCR well enough to assemble in
the first place without excessive manual correction.

|>I would have thought that Pat [Swayne] or Steve [Parker] might
|>have had the "real" HDOS source code, right out of the software
|>engineering group.
|I might.  But I've input nearly every 5 1/4" floppy I have already and 
|haven't seen it.  So if I do have it, it's almost certainly on 8" media and 
|I don't yet have anything set up to read them with.

I have 8" drives.  I'm not sure HDOS is set up to tralk to them, but I
can create images and then extract files with a utility I wrote to read
HDOS file systems.

				Dan Lanciani
				ddl at danlan.*com
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