[sebhc] RE: Heathkit HDOS source listings

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Thu Jun 23 22:36:28 CDT 2005

I got'em but I thought the last time I offerred to scan them nobody seemed
too interested if they weren't OCR'ed. As per Barry's comments, it isn't too
likely to happen at my end! I'd like to seem this material digitized and
shared but I'm not ready to attempt recompilation.

Lots of pages - if there's interest I can start feeding them into the hopper
and of course Rich (or anyone else who has a set) is welcome to contribute.
There seem to be several of us on the list who have them.


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> >I recently acquired a 4-volume set of Heathkit HDOS source listings.
> I assume this is a copy of the HOS-SL-1.  I think Jack has 
> one already, but 
> has only dropped one chapter into his autofeeding scanner so 
> far.  I keep 
> hoping the rest will show up in the archive sometime.  :-)
> (And maybe even with OCR's?)
> - Steven
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