[sebhc] SVD Update

Eric J. Rothfus eric at rothfus.com
Tue Jun 28 15:20:43 CDT 2005

I've been promising it forever, and I've finally
posted the SVD source code up at www.theSVD.com.
If I'm not mistaken, you could now (theoretically)
create your own SVD from scratch based upon the
web site.

And for you SVD users out there that I missed with
my bulk e-mail, the latest version of the software
v2.2 is posted, too.  BTW, contact me if you want
to get ahold of the latest firmware v2.3.  It has
a couple of fixes for Model 3/4 support as well as
the CoCo.  It also has Apple support, though this
requires another piece of hardware, too.

One REALLY nice thing about the v2.2 software is that
it supports the H8D binary format for Heathkit images,
obviating forever (for the SVD anyway) the argument
about whether the H17 format or the H8D format should
be posted in the archive.  So using the SEBHC archive
with the SVD just got a LOT easier.  There are quite
a few "usage notes" in both the H8 and H17 areas too.

Regarding the source code, there are three different

- GUI - the gui is programmed in TCL/TK so the
        tcl source is up there.  The SVD CP
	distribution is actually a windows/linux
	executable that is wrapped up with a
	licensed distribution package, so that
	isn't included.  But the code should run
	as is.

- Firmware - the v2.3 firmware is posted, and
        includes a complete MicroChip PIC
	implementation of the SVD.  Let me know
	if you have problems compiling. I'm the
	only one who has compiled it to date.
	The firmware implements the "virtual
	drive" functionality including generating
	the floppy data signals.

- PC Apps - the GUI makes use of 2 PC-based
        applications to get the tough work done.
	The source for these tools are posted too.
	There are some neat things there, including
	implementations of file systems for the
	TRS-80, Heathkit, and Apple.  Again, I'm
	the only one who has compiled this code,
	so let me know if you have problems.

DISCLAIMER - You use the software posted at www.theSVD.com
at your own risk.  Do with it as you will.  Change it.
Distribute it.  Create derivative works of it.  Make
money off of it (yeah right).  Whatever.  Please, however,
don't b*tch about bugs.  By all means report them, though,
and I'll fix them.  And PLEASE, don't b*tch about my
programming.  I'm just happy/shocked that it all works.
Fortunately, I don't rely on my programming skills these
days.  :-)


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