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Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 20 19:50:31 CST 2005

Peter Shkabara wrote:
> While creating my last post, I got into my H89 thinking mode. Before
> stopping my ANAPRO work, I was still developing version 4 or Emulate. This
> version combined the disk format emulation as well as the format program.
> There were some other improvements as well. I will no longer do any work on
> this, but if someone is interested in continuing this effort, I can send all
> the source code. It is all in Z80 assembly language. It has been a long
> time, but as I recall, the program was functioning, but needed some
> "cleanup" before it could be released.

How strange life is! On the comp.os.cpm list, they were just talking
about the need for a "product" that would allow a PC to
read/write/format the unusual CP/M disk formats of the early computers
(Heath, Kaypro, Osborne, etc.) Some are easy, because the semi-standard
NEC765 disk controller chip used in PCs can do them. Others require the
Western Digital 179x chip like the H89. 

Your EMULATE program correctly did all the formats I tried on my H89
with the Z89-37 board. And I have a bunch of these blank boards.

The H89 CPU board is also pretty straightforward, and I have a dozen or
so of them. I have mounted these boards before in a smaller box with a
disk drive and controller board, as a terminal-less H89 for dedicated

So, all the bits may be here to make the product they wanted!
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