[sebhc] Z-37 Diag Disk

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 22 17:16:08 CST 2005

Dan Lanciani wrote:
> |> |I can select the drives, control the motors, head load, etc. But
> |> |when I tell it to read, I see the data coming off the disk but
> |> |the disk controller won't output it to the bus.
> |>
> |> It just never sets data ready and times out the command?
> |
> |Correct.
> |
> |> Did you try a read track?
> |
> |No. I'm just using the software on the Heath diagnostic disk, which does
> |normal sector read/write/format.
> What happens when you try to format?

It goes through all the motions as if it worked; drive selects, motor
runs, head load, head steps all the way thru the disk. When it finishes,
it tries to verify and finds no data.
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