[sebhc] Z-37 Diag Disk

Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Tue Mar 22 23:26:45 CST 2005

|Re: " That would argue against a problem with the "data separator""
|Not necessarily.

I said it argues against it; I didn't say it was dispositive.

|Typically, format first writes tracks and sectors, then at the very end
|(after writing AND VERIFYING the tracks and sectors) writes an empty
|What could be happening is that it's writing the tracks and sectors, but
|when verification fails, the empty directory and operating system structures
|(including the boot sector and it's disk parameter tables, for Heath
|systems) never gets written.

Perhaps I was unclear when I asked if the disk reads correctly on another
system.  I meant to ask whether the format was physically correct, i.e.,
whether sectors could be read; not whether it contained a valid file system.
If the answer is different I'll revise my diagnosis...

				Dan Lanciani
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