[sebhc] Z-100 software

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed May 11 01:08:34 CDT 2005

>Hope I'm not OT here - is Z-100 discussion allowed or is this strictly an
>8-bit group?

Adding a Z100 section to the archives sounds like a fine idea to me.  But 
then, folks might think I'm prejudiced by having been part of the Z100 
design team.  :-)

However, I do think the H8, etc, should get priority in scanning, etc.  
Which reminds me .. any chance of getting the entire HOS-1-SL scanned (and 
maybe OCR'd, too) anytime soon?  Anyone got any more HDOS disks loaded?


- Steven

P.S.  I've been having trouble using my fantasy 204 track disk on the 
emulator - but the 160 track one seems to be OK.  I suspect the unusual 
configuration my be tripping some unintentional limits in HDOS (I expect the 
emulator doesn't care).  Anyway, I have to recommend against using the 204 
track one, at least for now.

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