[sebhc] H89 docs

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Thu May 19 13:48:11 CDT 2005

We don't have a late H89 assembly or operations manual as far as I know
(there is an early set of H88 docs, before the changes to meet FCC class B),
and we don't have any schematics of any variant of the 19/88/89, although
getting those scanned is difficult because of their size (it requires a
large format scanner).

[Note, I am only personally willing to scan manuals that are either
loose-leaf or that I can "unbind" and, if necessary, cut into 8.5" x 11"

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What specific H89 docs are you looking for? I have some schematics and docs.

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> However, I don't think that we have good electronic 
> documentation on the
> H19/89, and I know that I do not have schematics, but getting 
> the large

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