[sebhc] Just testing....

Scott Brown sbrown at infinet.com
Fri Sep 2 12:05:02 CDT 2005

So sorry to hear that. Hope all of your family and friends are safe. My 
heart goes out to all of those caught up in this disaster.

Best Wishes,


Steven Parker wrote:

>> Anybody out there? Just checking. I haven't received any posts since 
>> 08/11/05......
> I am.  Barely.  I probably won't do much with my H8 for a while since 
> it's still in New Orleans and I can't even get back in yet.  Even so I 
> probably won't be back there to stay until the city has power and 
> water again.
> But I did make it out okay, and there was no flood damage where I was.
> Shaken but not stirred,
> -- Steven
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